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Newsweek: "Best Business Tool of 2019"

Maybe you’ve already heard:  the Engage Process Platform was included in a survey to find the best business tools of 2019. This survey was conducted by leading newsmagazine Newsweek, in cooperation with globally recognised research company Statista Inc.


Over 10,000 participants

More than 10,000 professional users of business software and software service providers took part in the survey. The participants were asked to rate the provider in a couple of categories, including: trust, reliability, security and service promise. Based on the results, the two organisations, Newsweek and Statista Inc. made a list of the top providers of business software and software services across 54 categories.

We are proud to see that Engage Process was ranked as one of the best business tools of 2019, in the category Business Process Management Software!


Click here to see the complete list in the category of Business Process Management software, or to check the other categories.

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