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Bimba Manufacturing Drives Operational Efficiency

After being acquired by IMI Precision Engineering in 2018, Bimba Manufacturing set out to align its processes and best practices to the wider group. Thanks to the support of our partner Larmer Brown and with the use of Oracle UPK and the Engage Process platform, they drove completion in 98% of the jobs down to 4 hours, from 2,5 days previously. Order picking time was also improved, from 14 hours to 10 hours, whilst cycle accuracy increased from 55% to 95%.


IMI Acquisition Leads to Optimisation

Three years before IMI’s acquisition, Bimba had deployed their eBusiness Suite with limited classroom training. There was no learning content available for ongoing support and there were no test scripts or Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs). The IMI management team identified the need for a training programme across the Bimba user community, but it was a mammoth task.

Richard Koseff CIO, IMI Precision Engineering:

"Our factory’s warehouse was staffed entirely with recently hired employees, all of whom were trained on the job by someone who also had received no formal training. We were asked to help the business improve several key metrics within three months.

During the initial scoping discussions, the lack of test scripts and SoP’s was raised with Larmer Brown. The Larmer Brown team highlighted the value of a process driven approach to a content development project, since end users find it easier to recall learning content when the structure is logical, and process driven. The first step according to Larmer Brown was to map and agree on all processes, before content could be developed.


What Larmer Brown Delivered

Larmer Brown presented the Engage Process Suite as the recommended solution to map their processes, as it would allow the team to interactively map and analyse the processes with the team. Bimba procured the platform and Larmer Brown delivered training and support services to get the team up to speed. After 1,5 days of training, the team started mapping the processes and aligning them with IMI’s best practices.

One feature that turned out to be particularly useful was the Viewer and its Feedback module. As teams were often remote and in different time zones, this function allowed them to review processes in their own time and provide feedback. Upon completion, the published process repository provided the Larmer Brown team with the necessary documentation to accelerate learning content development, create SoP’s and record each topic in UPK.

Richard Koseff CIO, IMI Precision Engineering:

"The Engage Process Suite enabled a team of just two business analysts to map all of the processes in the warehouse, provide easy-to-use process documentation, work with Larmer Brown to create the UPK content and then re-train all of the employees within a two-month period."

By using Engage Process, the entire project, from mapping as-is processes, designing to-be processes, creating SoPs, generating UPK content, to then training the employees took just two months - from January 14th, through to March 25th.

After rolling out the solutions to the right users, the improved use of the eBusiness Suite across the group resulted in significant operational improvements:

  • 98% completion of jobs reduced to just 4 hours - down from 2.5 days
  • Picking time reduced to 10 hours - down from 14 hours
  • Waiting to be returned to stock items dropped to less than 20 per day - down from 200+
  • Cycle count accuracy increased by 55% to 95% (from 30%)


Larmer Brown

Larmer Brown is a leading Engage Process partner that has been delivering learning solutions to corporate clients for over a decade, using has been delivering learning solutions to corporate clients for over three decades, supporting corporate clients with their learning initiatives and training programmes using a variety of content development tools, both on-premise and in the cloud.

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