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Prydis Wealth: Building Efficiencies By Mapping Processes

Jigsaw Tree, UK distributor for our platform, has shared a case study which describes how Prydis Wealth leveraged their services in combination with the Engage Process platform to improve their internal processes. Read the summary here or navigate to the Jigsaw Tree website for more info.

Building efficiencies within your business

Prydis Wealth is an organisation which provides wealth management services to private clients, pension funds, trusts and charities. By organising process mapping workshops, mapping out the as-is processes and compare these with best practices, Jigsaw Tree helped this organisation get insights in their business processes and improve these. This led to the following key benefits:

  1. Ensuring business efficiencies in working practices are adopted by the whole organisation.
  2. Ensuring consistency in working practices, giving audit-ability and accountability.
  3. Achieving cost savings by adopting best practice processes.

How did they do this? Prydis Wealth needed something to help look at their internal processes and understand who was doing what in the processes. Initially, they were looking at using Visio, but Jigsaw Tree demonstrated that by using the Engage Process platform, the organisation would be able to get easy to understand process maps and create reports on time and cost savings.

If you are curious about the whole story, read the complete case study.


Jigsaw Tree

Jigsaw Tree is a consulting firm, based in the United Kingdom. The organisation's main focus is on supporting the planning and implementation of business change. Their consulting services include:

  • Technology Selection
  • Technology Implementation Support & Project Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Filling Interim Positions

Jigsaw Tree offers some outsourcing services as well:

  • Income Reconciliation
  • Marketing & Event Management Outsourcing
  • Template Design
  • Administration & Para-planning Support
  • Portal Implementation

Let us know if you want to get in touch with them or visit their website.

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