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Wise Investment: The Right Process Management Platform

Jigsaw Tree, one of our distributors and partners in the UK, has shared a case study where they describe how Wise Investment leveraged their services to select and implement the best suited process management platform.

Wise Investment Group is an independent investment company, which looks after their client's financial affairs. Over the years the company has seen significant increase in size and felt the need for standardising their business processes. At the time, processes were taught by one employee to the other, without regard for the bigger picture.

The organisation started by keeping track of processes in Microsoft Word, but noticed that this wasn't as visual and easy to edit as it needed to be. Thus while searching for a tool that fitted their needs, they sought out the help of Jigsaw Tree, who introduced them to the Engage Process platform. By using our product they realised some key benefits:

  • Creating consistency across the business by linking processes, so teams are no longer working in silos.
  • Providing staff with clear and easy to follow processes and work instructions, which can be followed by current and new employees.

If you are curious about the whole story, read the complete case study.


Jigsaw Tree

Jigsaw Tree is a consulting firm, based in the United Kingdom. The organisation's main focus is on supporting the planning and implementation of business change. Their consulting services include:

  • Technology Selection
  • Technology Implementation Support & Project Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Filling Interim Positions

Jigsaw Tree offers some outsourcing services as well:

  • Income Reconciliation
  • Marketing & Event Management Outsourcing
  • Template Design
  • Administration & Para-planning Support
  • Portal Implementation

Let us know if you want to get in touch with them or visit their website.

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