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CTO Remco Schrijvers Shares Engage Process Roadmap 2019

Last month we launched our newest release of the Engage Process Suite. It contains many small iterations that stay close to our mission of being the best people-centric process management platform in the market. In this article I will share what the future of our platform looks like and which new features you can expect in 2019.


Start Collaborating

Our old, Silverlight based platform, offered a feature called Teamboard. The primary function of this module was to be a process improvement board, which limited the options for real life use.

In 2019 we are developing and launching a brand new version of what was previously called Teamboard. Expect the new version to tie into many methodologies used in organizations today, such as Kanban, Scrum and many other workflow visualizations.  Our goal with the new module is to offer a usable tool that truly adds business value to organizations in a variety of ways.

Keep a look out for this development as the launch will be one of the biggest additions to our platform in recent years and will go above and beyond what is available in the market today.

'Personalized' Process Logic

One of our platform's greatest assets is its Process Logic Engine, which allow us to map your processes automatically, whilst checking it for logic in the background. One of the limitations of automated mapping is the lack of personalization, which we are improving over the next months. Our users will receive a series of new personalization features such as:

  • Styling of lines / connectors
  • Adding images to diagrams
  • Showing selected step properties on the diagram
  • Connecting shapes in overview diagrams
  • Have multiple icon sets
  • Model by drag & drop of steps from the ribbon to the diagram

The first improvements already went live in the last release, expect to see more in 2019.

Customer Journey

In the last few years an increasing amount of organizations have started mapping customer journeys (or patient journeys) alongside their business processes. The importance of customer journeys has indeed been on the rise with the introduction of more cross functional processes to support the digital transformation.

The essence of the customer journey, mapping experiences end-to-end, matches perfectly with the end-to-end value stream approach in our platform. Using the personalization features mentioned above, users can soon turn their end-to-end processes into customer journeys.

Process Management & Auditing

Enterprise scale users have a need to closely manage and monitor their processes, which prompted us to develop and launch the first version of the Dashboard module for all Enterprise Suite clients. Over the course of 2019 we will collect feedback on this first version to optimize and enhance the experience.

Our R&D Process

In determining our roadmap, we rely heavily on end user input. Our platform has an embedded 'report a wish' feature allowing everyone to provide input on what we should be developing next.

Apart from the items that are already on the list, some of the other plans include:

  • A simulation module
  • KPI visualization
  • single Sign-On
  • Integration (e.g. Office365/SharePoint)
  • Other diagram types (e.g. BPMN, Ishikawa, organization charts)

Taking it to the next level in 2019

Our R&D team is already working on the features for 2019, making sure that we deliver on our mission of being the leading human centric process platform.

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