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Extra Features And Improvements For The Suite

Release Fall 2018 - On the 12th of September we are launching the latest release of our process platform, which contains multiple enhancements that will become available to our H5 users free of charge.

Enhanced Risk Management

In addition to already existing GDPR functions, we have further enhanced our risk management capabilities. You can now not only define, but also connect entities, add quantified/financial risk to them and leverage enhanced reporting for compliance purposes.

Putting processes at the core of your risk management has many benefits, such as increased awareness and ownership in the business, fast compliance reporting and a direct connection to actual processes in your organization.

Flexible Visualizations

The Engage Process Suite is known for its flexibility in switching between views once you have designed a process, for example focusing on value streams or swimlanes. Our latest release has enhanced the swimlane view with colour coding of various lanes and ensuring your processes always start from the top. As a result, everybody will be able to read and interpret processes easier.

Learn More

We are running two instructional webinars on the new functionality on the 20th and 25th of September, at 15.00 GMT. You can register your attendance by sending an email to support@engageprocess.com.

To download the full release note, please click Release Note Fall 2018 (53 downloads).

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