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New Process Suite released

We are proud to announce the release of the all new Engage Process Suite. After years of development a completely new product platform was completed by the Engage Process development team.

What is new?

As a starter, the underlying platform is new. The Process Suite is no longer based on Silverlight. Instead it has been developed in html5, the modern platform for SaaS/Cloud based products.

For our uses this means that all parts of the Suite can be used via all current browsers; the Silverlight Plugin is no longer needed.

We also took the opportunity to improve many functions and the usability. Where in the “old” Process Suite users could only create Overview/process – houses in the Publisher, in the new Suite this can be done directly in the Modeler. Also, the My-Layout function has been integrated further in the Modeler, giving users of the Modeler more freedom in mapping their processes.

Several companies have already migrated to the new Suite and their feedback is very positive!
The new Modeler was introduced at the end of 2016 and it is now in use with several hundred users in the Netherlands and the U.K. Current users of the Process Suite will be asked to migrate to the new platform in the next half year.

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