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Digitalisation and Process Design

At Cardiff Council, Project Manager Ivan Martin Dominguez goes in depth on two of their Digital Transformation projects. First, they tried to streamline the process and remove non-value adding activities. Second, they worked on implementing RPA. In the video below you will find a short video recapping their efforts.

Utilising Engage Process for Digital Projects in Cardiff Council


Digitalisation of Services - Graffiti reports

In this project, Cardiff Council worked on optimising existing processes by streamlining their activities, focused on identifying and removing unnecessary steps. 

This project focused on:

  • Involving the workforce to encourage optimal outcomes
  • Identifying steps with low customer value-add
  • Standard approach to reporting


Introducing new technology - Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

The focus on this second project, was to explore the benefits of introducing RPA in an existing process (Invoicing). 

By removing the administrative work of your employees and replacing with automated actions, you can achieve huge savings in time and costs. Maintaining highly manual tasks can cause strain on the business. Therefore, implementing automation may help to save time in executing tasks, and give back time to focus on more customer facing services. 


The teams at Cardiff Council took action towards their goals:

  • Illustrating or mapping out the current and new process
  • Applying time and cost values to their process steps
  • Analysing and comparing their AS-IS (current) and TO-BE (improved) processes


The new process (TO-BE) produced the following outcomes:

  • Processing time went down by 68%
  • Lead time went down by a staggering 95%
  • Total costs went down by 89%


By empowering their teams to contribute in improving their processes and maintaining a focus on value-added activities, Cardiff provided positive outcome both for the business and their citizens. 


Seeing is Believing

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