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Feature Focus: Cost-Benefit Analysis

Compare Processes and Easily Identify Savings with Cost-Benefit Analysis



Whether the goal is to become more efficient, save time or cut costs, organisations are constantly looking for ways to improve. In most cases, these efforts are closely tied to their processes. 


At its core, the role of process management is to help organisations align their business processes with their strategic goals. This involves analysis of current processes to identify bottlenecks and risk, while enabling continuous improvement to achieve positive benefits. Process management can help organisations improve efficiency and service delivery, customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and support compliance with regulations. 


Quickly and easily identify cost savings as part of your process improvement


Within the Engage Process platform, we host a Cost-Benefit Analysis functionality. Here, you can automatically analyse costs; creating overviews and comparisons between multiple processes. 

Process maps in the Engage Process Modeler allow you to capture and understand processes in great detail.  In your AS-IS (current) and TO-BE (changed) process maps, users can add associated costs and time to each process step. At the click of a button, the Analysis function provides an overview of Processing Time, Lead Time, Break Time and Total Costs, including cost per activity and change in cost between alternate processes. Breaking it down to this level allows you to review key information quickly and easily through reporting, and drive actionable insights within seconds. 

This real-time overview enables you to compare the impact of changes on time and cost as part of your process improvement efforts, enabling you to easily identify savings. 


To see an example of cost-benefit analysis in practice, check out this presentation from Torfaen County Borough Council.



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