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Engage Process Release: December 2018

On the 12th of December all our users will receive a free update to the latest version of the Engage Process Suite/ Modeler. This update includes a variety of enhancements to our process platform.

Process Mapping Features (Engage Process Modeler)

We have extended existing features based on input we received from users. These enhancements apply to process design, brainstorm and RASCI.

Custom Designs for Processes

We have improved the way you can custom design a process that was automatically mapped in the Modeler. Three key enhancements are:

  • You may now alter the presentation of lines between steps, changing color, weight, dashes, etc.
  • You can apply standard fonts and different colors to texts in the description and remarks fields
  • Changing the process view used to affect the customizations you made in “Design”. The Modeler now creates a preview to ensure your customizations are kept.

RASCI, or Other?

The RASCI function provides a matrix of all the activities or decision-making authorities undertaken in an organization set against all the people or roles. Beyond RASCI, you can now choose different approaches such as RACI-VS, VERI or CAIRO. You can now also show this information below the process steps for a visual representation. You will find this new option in the Layout tab.

Process Platform Features (Engage Process Suite)

In line with our vision to bring the benefits of business process management to the whole organization, we have implemented various upgrades to our wider process platform.

Enhancements to the Publisher

The Publisher allows organizations to implement and manage process governance structures, authorization routes and create a version history. The ease of use of the Publisher has been enhanced:

  • Performance updates ensure Publisher works faster
  • Authorization can now also be managed at folder level, rather than only on process maps
  • Modeler users who are also authorized as Publisher, can now directly replace existing diagrams from within the Modeler, without first logging into Publisher

Enhancements to the Viewer

The Viewer is the read only environment that allows end-users to view, interact and provide feedback on approved process maps. Improvements to this environment include:

  • Starting the Viewer is now faster if the Viewer is set up (via the Publisher) without the Navigation window. Users of the Viewer will then only be able to navigate via the custom Overviews your created and will not see folders.
  • The Viewer App now shows annotations as well in the single step view
  • Stronger integration between the Modeler, Publisher and Viewer allows users with access to these modules to switch between them from within a process map. For example, when looking at a process in the Viewer, a single click will bring you to the latest version of that process in Modeler (if you are authorized to do so).


To promote continuous improvement and cross-departmental collaboration, the Engage Process platform has an integrated feedback function. This allows end-users to provide direct feedback on published processes, suggesting improvements or highlighting critical areas. Feedback is initiated in the Viewer and sent to the Modeler.

The way process owners leverage this information has been enhanced. The Modeler now allows you to sort feedback according to step numbers, which makes it easier to act/respond to feedback.

Enhancements to Tables (Administration)

Tables is the central repository for entities and allows for administration of the full process platform, providing the necessary features for organization wide use of the Engage Process Suite. The new features in this release include:

  • You can now add “Date” as an entity in Table Type
  • You can now import and export Table Types, including all underlying properties, tables and entities. This means you can load standards for items such as GDPR and Risk Management
  • Administrators can restore previously deleted process maps

NEW: Dashboard Module for Suite Enterprise

The number of large-and-unlimited-use clients of our Process Platform is growing. Especially for these clients we are introducing a new feature called Dashboard. This new module aims to provide clients who use the Suite Enterprise with the means to monitor and boost the use of the platform by giving usage information. The first version of the Dashboard gives information on:

  • The number of projects, process maps and publications in their organization
  • An overview of all users in their organization and how often they use the platform
  • The number of times a published process has been accessed

Please continue to give us feedback on our products. We issue functional updates 2-3 times per year and your input is critical for our improvements. You can provide feedback via the Help tab in the Modeler.

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