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Engage Process Fall 2020 Release

On the 21st of October Engage Process will launch the Fall 2020 release of the platform and its components. Our team is constantly working on new and improved features for our products. On the 21st, the new features will become available to all users of our platform.


Major updates

There are many updates coming with the Fall 2020 release, some of the most important updates include:

  1. Single Sign On (SSO) has successfully been implemented by the first customers. It is now available for all Enterprise users.
  2. At Teamboard you can link boards to multiple processes and process steps. This can be valuable when using the board for audit findings or process improvement suggestions.
  3. To support additional reports for topics such as compliance and legality, you can now include the fields of ‘Description’, ‘Comments’, ‘Annotations’ and ‘Notes’ in the reports.
  4. To better support the SIPOC method, you can now indicate whether roles are ‘Supplier’ or ‘Customer’.
  5. When running calculations of your process, you can assign costs to entities that you have defined in ‘Tables’, or locally in the Modeler Tables. This allows you to calculate total costs when for example 3 products are used in the process where the products costs £10 each.
  6. When creating a Viewer link, you can choose whether the link directs to the Viewer or the Viewer App.


Full List of Changes

The list above are just some of the highlights of this release. The full list of of changes was sent to all of our primary contacts at our clients. Did you not a receive the Release note? Contact us and we will send it to you!


Your Opinion Counts

Input from users is a crucial source of information for our developers. We review/combine all wishes and use those in our development that fit our philosophy and positioning. Make sure your wishes are included! You can let us know by clicking the ‘Report a Wish’ button in the help tab.

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