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A partner shares his experience with the master classes

A large number of partners participated in the first series of masterclasses, including Arnold Bianchi of Bianchi Lean Consultancy. He recently shared his experiences with these masterclasses with us.

"In the past month, I attended the Masterclasses for Engage Process partners.
Since I have been working with the Engage Process Modeler for a number of years, I am already quite familiar with it. Or so I thought…

Although, it must be said that I mainly used the Modeler to describe and maintain the processes. Because from my user's perspective I always said: "I know what I want and what I need".

Trainer/consultant Jomar van Manen explained the possibilities of the Modeler, Publisher and Viewer step by step and in chronological order. Jomar took into account where I stand as a customer and where my needs regarding the platform lie.
Because other companies also participated in the Masterclass, they motivated me by the many possibilities of the platform. The different possibilities were explained, demonstrated and ofcourse then practiced with.

The strength of the Masterclass is the need-oriented approach in combination with discovering what else I can do with Engage Process. These needs differ from customer to customer.
From facilitating Workshops, mapping processes to assuring you're using the Lean method, everyone got different needs when it comes to process management.

Providing input by participants, for example during a workshop, is done in a simple, accessible way. Access to the rest of the organization via the Viewer has ensured that colleagues from internal audit and Control are taking part in the conversation as well. Sharing processes ensures that we discuss those processes with each other. The next step is that we can strengthen each other and make the right interventions in the organization in a coordinated way.
In short, I highly recommend to join one of the sessions.

The master class has taught me what else I can do with Engage Process and what I can do to create more added value for the organisation."

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