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Free Process Modeler for students

The Engage Process Modeler is currently in use by students of 5 universities. Starting January 1st, a new Modeler is available free of charge to all registered students. Students can use the Process Modeler via our webshop. Using an official college or university email address is the only requirement.

Many functions for mapping, viewing, evaluating and comparing processes are combined in 1 graphical user interface. Many see our Process Modeler as a powerful combination of Visio, Excel and a lot of Lean know-how. The Modeler is well suited for Lean, Agile or other improvement projects and as such in use by many cities, health care institutions, financial companies and many others; a wonderful reference is the Lean team of Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.

Mapping processes, even complex processes, is easy with our Process Modeler. The integrated analysis function assists in showing the impact on KPI’s after changes are made in the process; new bottlenecks are highlighted instantly. This makes the Process Modeler a powerful tool for class work, projects and internships.

Students can use the Modeler via our webshop.

Colleges and Universities can contact us for any further information about our student support programs.

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