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Teamboard User Story: Ilona Organises Continuous Improvement

Economic uncertainty and regulatory pressure have pushed continuous improvement to the top of many agendas. It doesn’t matter if they target small changes to a process or improvement projects on a larger scale, certain things are always important: you need a good planning, clear deadlines and good communication within the team.Teamboard story 2_ Continuous Improvement-1

Ilona is an improvement expert, she reviews her organisation’s processes and looks for improvements. When she finds ways to improve processes, she doesn’t have a place to organise the implementation of those improvements.

It’s her job to make sure that everyone involved in an improvement project knows what the activities are, what the deadlines are and who is responsible for what. Now, she uses standard project applications and (more often) Excel.

She runs into limitations using these apps for improvement:

  • In the more known project applications, it is not possible to link back to processes. This makes it harder to keep track of changes and report on process improvement.
  • Other project applications quickly become very complex and lack enough features to involve the team, which is essential for successful process improvement.
  • In the applications Ilona uses, she gets an overview of tasks but cannot visualise those or interpret information in different ways. This makes it harder to discuss improvements with the team.

It’s clear that Ilona does not have the right tools to execute on continuous improvement effectively. Due to its unique link to Engage Process’ platform, Teamboard offers a better alternative that drives both her and the team’s productivity.


Capture and share tasks, activities and planning

Teamboard allows you to organise and share all the aspects of an improvement project with your team. It manages the activities that need to be done, the division of tasks and their deadlines. Key to its design is capturing everything in one place and visualizing it in different ways.


Linking back to processes

Improvements can relate to different processes. To keep an overview, it is important to know which tasks and activities relate to which process. Teamboard creates this link by tagging cards onto a process in your Engage Process repository. This way everyone knows which process is being focused on.


More than just basic information

The information that can be captured in Teamboard goes deeper than just activities, tasks and deadlines. Each type of board has its own set of cards, which stores different kinds of information. The continuous improvement board, for example, captures information about improvement ideas and process issues, along with their feasibility, impact and expected outcomes. If that does not cover your needs, you can customise the card.


Ready for ActionTeamboard_Icon

Implementing Continuous improvement can be quite challenging. Having one place where you stay on top of things helps; it allows you to focus on getting the best out of the team, rather than trying to stay in control.

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