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The start of a new partnership with zetVisions

Schiphol-Rijk, March 8 2022 - Today we announce our partnership with zetVisions , a specialist in software solutions for Legal Entity Management and Master Data Management.

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zetVisions is a Germany based international software vendor. Their silver partnership with SAP makes them well positioned to work for larger international enterprises. Becoming an Engage Process partner increases the ability for zetVisions to not only excel with their solutions for Master Data Management and data quality but also to design, describe and improve the processes underneath.

In a company's core processes, master data, (i.e. static basic data or reference data on objects relevant to operations such as customers, suppliers, products, employees and finances) play an essential role.  "Companies today are data-driven. There is virtually no process without data. Data drives and controls processes. In this close entanglement of processes and data, we see the starting point for a fruitful cooperation with Engage Process," says Christian Sohn, Managing Director of zetVisions.


Two sides of the same coin

Process management and data quality management are two sides of the same coin. One cannot function without the other. In a company's core processes, master data, i.e. static basic data or reference data on objects relevant to operations such as customers, suppliers, products, employees and finances, would play an essential role.

"The focus of Engage Process is precisely on these core processes and their improvement, while our focus is on master data and its quality. So it's a very good fit," Sohn continues.

"With Engage Process, organizations bring their processes into our accessible, easy-to-use platform. It enables teams to create a visual model that allows them to visualize their own processes, explore and discuss them on an ongoing basis, and compare alternatives," explains Ted Twaalfhoven, CEO of Engage Process.

"For us, however, it's not just about the Engage Process platform. We are driven by organizations that fully understand their processes to drive compliance, improvement and automation. You can't do that without reliable, up-to-date and consistent data. This is where Engage Process and zetVisions complement each other." adds Twaalfhoven.

About zetVisions

Founded in 2001, zetVisions GmbH develops and implements state-of-the-art IT solutions for legal entity and master data management (corporate data management). With the know-how from around 400 projects, zetVisions GmbH is today the leading European IT competence center for investment management and also the largest provider of applications on this topic. Since 2012, the solution portfolio has been expanded to include master data management (MDM). Since then, zetVisions has also been a sought-after provider in this segment and successfully implements MDM projects.

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