Cleaning after a dinner party: How to use process management in practice

Dinner parties can be great fun, but cleaning up afterwards can be a daunting affair. So, what if we use our business practices at home?

Essential techniques for mastering continuous improvement

Adopting a programme of continuous improvement can be a complex task to undertake. As a result, here we offer a range of techniques that can help to

We owe it to our employees to involve them in the complete end-to-end customer process

Today, as I was walking home from the shops, I noticed a father with his 18-month-old son starting to cross the street. “Look left, look right, and

How can continuous improvement help your business?

More and more, businesses across a range of industries are focused on achieving better efficiency and doing more with less resource. This is

Change management or continuous improvement: Which is better?

Change management and continuous improvement are two terms that every business hoping to implement any form of process management should understand.

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