Remco Schrijvers (CTO) Shares Engage Process Roadmap 2019

Last month we launched our newest release of the Engage Process Suite. It contains many small iterations that stay close to our mission of being the

How inefficient processes are holding back your business

Understanding the significant damage of inefficient processes is essential to developing more agile organisations in future.

Merry Christmas and a Smashing 2019

Thank you to our customers, partners and supporters for a great 2018. We look forward to working with all of you in the new year! 

What should you look for from process management software?

The individual functions that make up effective process management software may not be apparent to every organisation, so here we examine the

Engage Process December 2018 Release

On the 12th of December all our users will receive a free update to the latest version of the Engage Process Suite/ Modeler. This update includes a

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