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From Kaizen to Lean Six Sigma

Which process management style fits your need? Do you choose one or use them all?

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Ted Twaalfhoven

City of Venlo: Process Optimisation by Reducing Waste using Lean

Like many other cities and councils, the city of Venlo in the Netherlands..

Ted Twaalfhoven

Tranz & Dutch High Court: Breakthrough In Capacity Planning

The national High Court of The Netherlands was experiencing critical issues..

Sander de Hoogh

Engage Process Spring 2019 Release

On the 15th of May Engage Process will launch a new release of the Suite and..

Ted Twaalfhoven

Cleaning after dinner: using Process Management in practice

Dinner parties can be great fun, but cleaning up afterwards can be a..

Ted Twaalfhoven

Essential techniques for mastering continuous improvement

Adopting a programme of continuous improvement can be a complex task to..

Ted Twaalfhoven

Involving Employees In The Complete End-To-End Customer Process

Today, as I was walking home from the shops, I noticed a father with his..

Ted Twaalfhoven

How can continuous improvement help your business?

More and more, businesses across a range of industries are focused on..

Ted Twaalfhoven

Change management or continuous improvement: Which is better?

Change management and continuous improvement are two terms that every..

Remco Schrijvers

CTO Remco Schrijvers Shares Engage Process Roadmap 2019

Last month we launched our newest release of the Engage Process Suite. It..

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