What organisations can learn from sports teams

My ten-year old daughter plays field hockey and this year I have the privilege to be the coach of the team. Every Saturday I find myself on the field

A shorter lead time always leads to improvements

You have undoubtedly experienced it in a private situation. You request a document from your town or city, or from an insurer, and then you wait for

How can you ensure that your quality manual is actually used

Manuals: How often do they disappear at the bottom of a drawer, unused? If you want to prevent that, there are a few essential steps to follow. 

Improving your business process within a couple of days? It can be done

Customers are getting more demanding and want better service for lower costs. Companies respond and adopt methods for improving the effectiveness and

5 tips for a more effective process workshop

Many organizations that want to map and improve their business processes rely instinctively on one of the oldest tools: a Brown Paper session. On a

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