Hand-overs in your processes? Not a good idea!

Requests and orders in many organisations are handed over from department to department. Different expertise is needed to deal with different aspects

Why you should also visualize break times in your process diagrams

Process maps are increasingly used in organisations for Lean studies or more generic quality handbooks. Standard VSM (Value Stream Mapping)

Why lean and BPMN don't go (well) together

Many architects and business analysts see BPMN 2.0 as the standard for modeling business processes. The purpose of making business process models is

What organisations can learn from sports teams

My ten-year old daughter plays field hockey and this year I have the privilege to be the coach of the team. Every Saturday I find myself on the field

A shorter lead time always leads to improvements

You have undoubtedly experienced it in a private situation. You request a document from your town or city, or from an insurer, and then you wait for

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