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Teamboard User Story: Sophia Manages Ad Hoc Projects

As a manager, Sophia wants to be in control of projects and tasks, both for herself and for her team. This ensures the team stays productive and focused on goals. She wants one place to manage those projects and tasks, which is flexible and easy to use.

Story 1 - email adhoc

During the week Sophia often gets urgent ad hoc items and one-offs that require immediate attention. Whether it's an issue or a change, she needs get the team organised.

Sophia usually falls back on spreadsheets or text files. Great tools, but not built for this task. Listing actions in a spreadsheet is easy enough, keeping them updated is not. She can’t share or edit files with the team easily and it is hard to get an overview of what everyone is working on. Enter Teamboard, which is built to structure flexible working and solves this in minutes.


Create Your Board

First you create a board with the team, which is the central place where the team collaborates. You’ll have a few templates to choose from and can customise them to fit your needs.


Cards & Tasks

Your board is populated with cards and tasks. Cards are the main jobs for your project, and they contain information about the job, who is assigned to it, what the priority is and completion dates. You can link cards to one of the processes from your Engage Process Suite repository. Within the cards you add all the tasks that are needed to complete the job and assign them to team members with a due date.

Making the Team Work

Where Teamboard becomes more than a project overview tool, is in how it facilitates teamwork and keeps you in control:

  • Central & shared: The board is your shared team work space; your single place to track the status of tasks and their context.
  • Views: Switch between views to view the project in different ways. Use Task view in a team meeting or the calendar to manage deadlines.
  • Reporting: You can easily report by creating a table overview and selecting the information you need to report on. Hit the export button to use it elsewhere.

Ready for ActionTeamboard_Icon

Getting to grips with ad hoc projects and one-offs is never easy. Having one place where you stay on top of things helps; it allows you to focus on getting the best out of the team, rather than trying to stay in control. 

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