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Engage Process Spring 2021 Release

The Spring release of Engage Process will be made available on Wednesday, June 16th. This release will be available to all users. Besides the many improvements in the Modeler, the Viewer App, the Publisher, Teamboard and the Admin Center. We also take some time to introduce the new Approval Module.

Approval release-03

Major updates

There are many updates coming with the Spring 2021 release, some of the most important updates include:

  1. NEW! Approval module for processes
    Discussing, describing and improving processes is important work and is certainly not without commitment. Many of our customers must deal with formal procedures in order to comply with required certification, or they need In Control statements for example. In the case of Business Process Outsourcing, as well, it is often necessary to have processes formally approved. And for the publication of process manuals, the prior approval of those processes is often essential. From now onwards, Engage Process offers extensive possibilities for this by means of the Approval module. On the detail page of this release you can read more about this module and how you can set to work with it.

  2. Expanded Reports module within Modeler, Viewer, and Viewer app
    The report module of Engage Process — which is available in the Modeler as well as in the Viewer (app) — has been further expanded to provide even better support for critical reports on many topics, such as GDPR, In Control, risk management, change management, and digitization.

  3. User interface is even more intuitive
    With each release, the user interface in different modules is improved on various points. Often this is done on the basis of customers’ wishes along with our own standard approach with regards to the environment’s layout. In this release, too, you will see various improvements. Sometimes this leads to new standard settings.

  4. Teamboard has been enhanced further
    Teamboard is being used more frequently for the discussion and updating of tasks of (project) teams for the benefit of audits, improvements, dailies, etc. The possibilities for the further adjustment of work items and tasks have again been further improved in this release. Other functions have been modified in order to work in an even more intuitive and user-friendly manner.

Full List of Changes

The list above are just some of the highlights of this release. The full list of of changes was sent to all of our primary contacts. Did you not a receive the Release notes? Contact us and we will send it to you!

Your Opinion Counts

Input from users is a crucial source of information for our developers. We review and combine all wishes and use those in our development that fit our philosophy and positioning. Make sure your wishes are included! You can let us know by clicking the ‘Report a Wish’ button in the help tab of our product.

As always, our support team is ready to answer any questions you may have. Interested in using more of our product and in need of guidance? Book a call with one of our experts.

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