From Kaizen to Lean Six Sigma

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Sander de Hoogh

Tools for Human Centric Transformation

It is no secret that the Digital Transformation is tough, with close to 70%..

Sander de Hoogh

Analysing Transformation Success

Did you know 70% of digital transformation programmes fail to deliver on..

Ted Twaalfhoven

We owe it to our employees to involve them in the complete end-to-end customer process

Today, as I was walking home from the shops, I noticed a father with his..

Remco Schrijvers

Remco Schrijvers (CTO) looks back at 2018

2018 has been a busy year so far. Our user base is steadily growing but we..

Pascal van der Waa

Free Process Modeler for students

The Engage Process Modeler is currently in use by students of 5 universities...

Sander de Hoogh

Direct results from visualization. A simple example

A team of employees at a Dutch city council started off study their..

Ted Twaalfhoven

Hand-overs in your processes? Not a good idea!

Requests and orders in many organisations are handed over from department to..

Ted Twaalfhoven

Why lean and BPMN don't go (well) together

Many architects and business analysts see BPMN 2.0 as the standard for..

Ted Twaalfhoven

What organisations can learn from sports teams

My ten-year old daughter plays field hockey and this year I have the..

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