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From Kaizen to Lean Six Sigma

Which process management style fits your need? Do you choose one or use them all?

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Ted Twaalfhoven

Why should I use process mapping?

The process map can be an invaluable tool in involving and empowering your..

Ted Twaalfhoven

Why Process Exploration is better than Process Documentation

Why process discussions and analysis are core requirements for process..

Ted Twaalfhoven

Involving Employees In The Complete End-To-End Customer Process

Today, as I was walking home from the shops, I noticed a father with his..

Ted Twaalfhoven

What should you look for from process management software?

The individual functions that make up effective process management software..

Ted Twaalfhoven

Could software help you to manage your business processes?

Software to more effectively map and record business processes can be a..

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