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Transformation at Leeds Federated Housing

Leeds Federated Housing Association went through a successful transformation programme to continue delivering good value and affordable housing. Learn how they did it and what role Engage Process played in this project.

The Challenge

Leeds Federated Housing Association (LFHA) established their Vision 21 Programme as an organisation-wide change initiative designed to enable delivery of the LFHA Mission, Vision and Goals. To achieve this, Vision 21 is to:

  • review and document how the organisation works
  • identify and document areas of improvement to maximise efficiency and value for money across all areas of the business
  • deliver the business change necessary to implement the improvements identified and to realise their associated benefits

The Vision 21 programme is fundamental in ensuring LFHA continues to enable the maximum number of people to access and live sustainably in good value, affordable housing.


The Approach

LFHA have seconded a team from service areas within their organisation augmented with an external consultant to carry out Business Process Mapping (BPM) reviews of their key processes within Customer Services, Repairs, Development and Finance.

To do this, LFHA have focused on finding the right method for the reviews, a defined process for carrying out the reviews, tools to be used and skills developed for their Vision 21 team. A Lean Systems Thinking approach has been adapted for LFHA which is practical, pragmatic and common sense!

At the heart of the approach is the Engage Process Suite, a powerful, cloud-based, process capture, visualisation & analysis suite which makes mapping, sharing, evaluating and redesigning business processes incredibly easy and collaborative.

The Vision 21 team have used the Engage Process Suite on a daily basis to map the AS IS processes, design and develop TO BE processes and create action plans of people, process and technology changes to be implemented by their Digital World and The Way We Work internal transformation programmes.


The Outcomes

  • LFHA people, processes and technology now being aligned to help deliver transformational change;
  • Clear ‘Purpose’ defined and ‘Vision’ developed for every key process;
  • From limited number of process maps to over 400 process & sub-process maps within 9 months;
  • Centralised repository providing online access to LFHA processes by everyone in the organisation;
  • A common language existing between the business and IT;
  • Twelve action plans of “TO BE” changes being implemented in the four main areas of the business;
  • A rapid digital process capture capability in place, no more rolls of paper and post-it notes;
  • Front-line employees and customers involved in the design of future services;
  • A Digital Process Handbook being developed for induction, training and day-to-day operations.

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