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Transformation Story: New Way of Working for Business Analyst

Anna is a business analyst at a council. She forms a crucial part of the council’s transformation team and is tasked with finding improvements in the organisation’s performance. Her goals are to transform how the council delivers services, by targeting core organisational processes, to uncover cost savings, improve quality and maintain citizen satisfaction.

User Story Business Analyst

Anna plans to achieve the mentioned goals by analysing the core processes one-by-one, together with the employees that are part of these processes. Working together with the teams she expects much more insights in the large number of exceptions within these processes, capture all the low-hanging fruit for improvements that the teams undoubtfully have, and also to get the teams fully involved and empowered in the changes that are expected.


The Engage Process Suite

Traditionally Anna used basic applications such as Post-it notes, Visio and Excel for her work. However, with these applications it was very difficult to keep the team involved beyond the brown paper session. That is why Anna started using the Engage Process Suite.


The Modeler, Viewer & Teamboard

Starting with the Engage Process Modeler, Anna will be able to host an interactive workshop with the team and jointly map and explore the processes of the team. The team got personally involved and took ownership in mapping and analysing their current way of working.

They got enthusiastic and reflected that this was the first time they truly had a good insight into their own processes! They highlighted the not-so-value-added process steps, identified relevant exceptions and found more than enough low-hanging fruit adding up big improvements.  Most importantly, they got involved and took ownership and actually fuelled the transformation.

A great benefit for the transformation project was the availability of the Engage Process Viewer. After the workshop, the new processes were immediately placed in the Viewer so the team had access to the processes at any time. And with the build-in Feedback option they continued to provide feedback and ideas, even after the workshop.

 For managing and implementing the many suggested improvements, Anna used Teamboard, yet another part of the Engage Process Suite. The suggestions were entered on this agile-working scrumboard and linked to the appropriate processes. By digitizing and visualizing these improvement tasks she was allowed to take the team further along and reach her goals.

As you can see, the Engage Process Suite helps Anna to improve her way of working and really embed this within the organisation. The three parts of the Engage process Suite help her with the different stages of the transformation project: analysing, improving & implementing.


Here to help

When using a new platform or tool it can be helpful to have a push in the right direction, so you know where to start. That’s why we’ve prepared implementation guides to help our users leverage the Engage Process Suite for all of these actions. For a Business Analyst, that’s part of a large transformation programme, we recommend the following guides:

  1. GDPR
  2. Digital Process Handbook
  3. Risk Management

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