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We are hiring: Business Development Representative (UK)

Engage Process currently has over 60 clients in the UK (Local Gov, Finance,..

Getting employees to be the driving force of Service Redesign

In 2021 Cheltenham Borough Council embarked on a service redesign journey...

Process Redesign at the basis of Digital Transformation

Sedgemoor District Council has been, and still is, working a lot on Process..

A partner shares his experience with the master classes

A large number of partners participated in the first series of masterclasses,..

Engage Process Spring 2021 Release

The Spring release of Engage Process will be made available on Wednesday, June..

7 Things to Consider When Working on Digital Transformation Projects

At the Public Technology Annual Conference, Engage Process joined Rachael Dixon..

5 Key Requirements of Human Centric Process Management

Most organisations are struggling with an increasing number of management..

Engage Process Winter 2021 Release

The Winter release of Engage Process will be made available on Wednesday,..

Engage Process Fall 2020 Release

On the 21st of October Engage Process will launch the Fall 2020 release of the..

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