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3 Reasons Why Our Platform is Great for Remote Process Improvement

We have been seeing over 600 remote sessions per day with the Engage Process platform during this lockdown period. We asked our customers how they find working with our platform during this time. They give us 3 main reasons why they experience our Platform to be well suited for doing process work from home.


Three Reasons Why

The following three reasons were given when asked why the Engage Process platform is great for remote process improvement:
  1. The platform is 100% SaaS. This way process improvement can be done anytime and anywhere. 
  2. The intuitive and very easy user interface is essential. Participants can clearly understand, follow and participate. The playful icons and Show/hide feature to keep the desktop clean contribute to that.
  3. Automatic mapping of the process was listed as nr. 3. No matter what you want to do, the process is mapped instantly. This is key for keeping the session going.


Other Reasons

In addition, it was mentioned that the Brainstorm App is handy in getting people to personally participate in group sessions. And instant sharing of the results to the Handbook/Viewer is felt to be important for the follow-up, something that is supported by the integrated Feedback module.

So as you can see, it is mainly the accesibility of the platform in combination with the great collaboration features, that make the Engage Process platform a suitable environment for doing process work from home.

We initially built our platform for on-site workshops, so we are proud to see that the usage and results during lockdown timeframes have proven the platform to be useful, even during these strange times.

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