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Disruptive Change: Organizations need to change now

In 1990 a small aero engine component repair shop in Texas needed to change urgently. It was losing money and repairs took 90 days. Within a couple of months, the organization was changed (into cellular) and the process changed. The repairs were offered in 22 days from that moment on. Orders came in and the company thrived. The key to success was getting the team engaged in the process and putting them in charge of making it work.

Disruptive change -03The New Normal

 Many organizations need to change the way they are doing business. Now!

IT-driven changes always take time. A new way of doing business needs to be designed, developed, deployed, tested, and improved.

Human centric change on the contrary can happen almost overnight. You get the involved staff together and bluntly ask: How shall we do it tomorrow?

In the past, many production firms have successfully moved from departmental production to a first setup for cellular / process-oriented production within a couple of months. Such urgent disruptive change is needed now. Agility is a matter of survival.

Such disruptive change needs to be orchestrated. You must help teams to work in the same direction; you cannot afford chaos. Their new way of working needs to be designed; “how shall we do this?”. A first set up must be made/ designed with the team. Improved upon, implemented and again improved upon.


Is your team ready for disruptive change?

With the current uncertainty in all market segments, people are eager to see light at the end of the tunnel. They want change! When you share the goals with them and ask them for help, they will be ready. Your new organization can start right now.

We have a whitepaper on Tips & Tricks for process workshops. With such workshops you can not only get the team involved, but you design a new process / customer journey within a couple of days.

The whitepaper can be downloaded for free without questions asked, use this link.

We have recently updated it to include a paragraph successful remote workshops, where everyone is working at home. The method is now 10 years old and proven. You will have a blueprint for a new way of working within a couple of days. Your organization can work differently very quickly.

Good luck!

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