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Engage Process Winter 2020 Release

A new release is scheduled for Wednesday 4 March 2020. This release will be  active for all users of the Engage Process Suite. The release includes many improvements that increase the ease of use.



Teamboard, the full release

Recently, we released the beta version of Teamboard, a scrum/ agile collaboration platform, that gives structure to Work Items and Tasks of flexible teams. On March 4th we will release the full version of Teamboard as part of the Gold, Platinum and Enterprise Suites.

Teamboard has several unique capabilities:

  • You can customise the structure and view of boards. We have included several board templates, such as Improvements, Audits, Action lists etc.
  • As is common in our Suite, you can show or hide details easily to ensure your teams look at the most relevant Work Items and Tasks.
  • Similar to how our Suite works, you can take different viewpoints on boards to match the job at hand, such as overview (Kanban), as a task-board, as a table or in Calendar view.
  • Truly unique is the ability to link Work Items and Tasks to processes in the Viewer. For example, when using Teamboard to register Audit findings, you can link each finding/Work Item to the right process. The Table view will then give you rigorous reporting and action-management possibilities.


With support and input from our users, our consultants have created a number of Implementation Guidelines for the Suite. These best practices help you set the Suite up for specific goals can be used in conjunction with each other or separately. Currently available Implementation Guides are:

  • Centralized Setup
  • Digital Process Handbook
  • Customer Journey
  • GDPR Privacy Register
  • Risk Management

Knowledge Base

For many years we have been asked about sample processes for certain market segments or specific purposes. We are releasing a first Knowledge Base for the Dutch market on March 4th, containing examples and best practices as provided by customers. The Knowledge Base will be accessible via the Help tab in the Modeler and Viewer.

Next up is a UK specific Knowledge Base, for which we need examples and cases that can be shared with others.  Are you willing to provide these for the purpose of learning through and from one another? If needed, we can post materials anonymously. Please contact us via knowledgebase@engageprocess.com


Full List of Changes

The mentioned features and changes are just the highlights of this release. The complete list of changes was included in the Newsletter of Q1 2020. Did you not receive the newsletter? Let us know and we'll send the full Release Note your way! 


Your Opinion Counts

Input from users is a crucial source of information for our developers. We review/combine all wishes and use those in our development that fit our philosophy and positioning. Make sure your wishes are included! You can let us know by clicking the ‘Report a Wish’ button in the help tab of our products.

As always, our support team is ready to answer any questions you may have. We hope you enjoy the new release!

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