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Business Process Management:

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Could software help you to manage your business processes?

Software to more effectively map and record business processes can be a powerful tool to help organisations boost their efficiency and bottom line.

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Understanding how your processes impact efficiency, productivity and performance is essential to maximising your profitability and ensuring teams, individuals and whole departments are working seamlessly together.

What, then, can help organisations to more effectively map and understand the processes they must undertake? Ensuring access to the latest software to help visualise, document and enhance your processes could be the answer.


Moving past paper and into the future

In previous years, many organisations undertaking process mapping and operational improvement have relied on paper to visualise their processes. However, the use of this medium does have some significant drawbacks, such as:

  • How do you do in-depth analysis of the process you are discussing?
  • How do you look at alternatives and compare?
  • How do you convert the result to a practical handbook?
  • How do participants take these results with them to their workplace?

Times have therefore changed and more organisations now appreciate the benefits of new technologies to make process management a more collaborative, long-lasting and value-adding practice.

Involvement of the team is essential to achieving a positive result, so organising workshops that bring together individuals to discuss and detail the current process setup is a must. However, organisations must then capture this information if they wish to make the most of these meetings, and that is where new software solutions come into play.


Clear, concise, visual and compelling

The Engage Process platform encourages in-depth process exploration and provides functions to compare alternatives to the current state, and so find justification and enthusiasm for these improvements.

It automatically and instantly creates instructions or a handbook for the new way of working. This means the process is made and documented by the participants themselves, ensuring high personal ownership and buy-in. The software also allows the team to provide new thoughts after the handbook was created, thus offering a continuous improvement platform for the processes they designed.

Engage Process not only helps you to get the team involved, but allows you to use that involvement for in-depth analysis, finding improvement opportunities and taking that back to the workplace. This is why ensuring you have access to the right software and tools is essential.

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