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Successful Implementations of Continuous Improvement

Understanding and appreciating the theory behind continuous improvement as a means to drive organisational change and optimisation is important. That said, there's nothing quite like seeing the process in practice to highlight its potential to drive operational savings and improvement.

As a result, here we highlight a range of organisations that have successfully implemented aspects of the continuous improvement doctrine. See for yourself how similar efforts could prove advantageous to your business.


Stichtse Vecht Council: Applying Lean Six Sigma Drives Efficiencies

Identifying important exceptions in your clean case is essential to enhanced efficiency and cost gains in operations. Continuous improvement practices helped Stichtse Vecht Council to do just that.

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City of Venlo: Process Optimisation by Reducing Waste using Lean

Visualisation is key to effective process mapping, which in turn plays a core role in efforts to reduce waste through increased visibility into your organisation's As Is operations. The City of Venlo employed this practice to inform its continuous improvement efforts and drive enhanced results.

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Tranz & Dutch High Court: BPM leads to breakthrough in capacity planning

Delivering cross-functional teams, reducing bottlenecks and in-depth process mapping all played a crucial role in supporting the Dutch High Court to enhance its performance, reduce delivery times and better support staff.

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